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Innovative Brick Systems

Innovative Brick Systems, LLC needed a secure storage solution that could be easily transported to their job sites, could be quickly assembled and disassembled, and was more attractive than the typical Conex shipping container.

As a distributor of Universal Storage Containers’ Z-Box product, Tuff Shed had a great solution. The smooth sided and insulated walls of the 8×20 reinforced steel Z-Box were a big hit with this customer, as their job site requirements tended to include rules prohibiting unsightly construction debris. Furthermore, the durable, coated plywood floor allowed them to use their pallet jacks to access items stored inside the container. Tuff Shed’s dispersed inventory of these Z-Boxes allowed for a single unit to be sold, assembled and delivered to this customer. We delivered this solution much faster and in a quantity unavailable to the general marketplace.

The Tuff Shed Advantage:

  • Unique, secure and attractive steel container product
  • Single unit availability
  • More rapid delivery time
  • Assembly and on-site delivery