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InScope International

InScope International was in need of a contractor that could construct many large, extremely custom building projects on different military bases throughout the U.S. Specifically, they needed 75 structures to be used for pre-deployment training that could be delivered fully assembled within a short time frame. The structures needed to be 10’ wide, 20’ long, and 12’ tall.

In order to fit these requirements, we fabricated structures with commercial grade steel doors, windows with Plexiglas type panes, and an interior partition wall. Each unit included a galvanized steel subfloor and double wall construction, with the interior fully sheathed with .” plywood. Unique exterior features also included stucco-like finish, heavy-duty metal roof structure designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, plus a roof parapet.

From start to finish, we produced these unique structures for InScope within an almost incredible 29 business days. Since this project we have been honored to uphold the partnership through various other projects with InScope.

The Tuff Shed Advantage:

  • Large number of buildings
  • Custom interior and exterior finishes
  • Over the top durability
  • Tight turnaround deadlines