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Thomson and Anso Properties

Managers for Thomsen and Anso Properties wanted to solve several business needs for their mobile home communities. First, they wanted to standardize the appearance of their lots, getting rid of unsightly, dilapidated, poor quality sheds and replacing them with a more standardized, high-quality and attractive storage building. Second, these storage structures needed to comply with California code for mobile homes communities that required these buildings to be non-combustible. Third, these buildings needed to be high enough quality at reasonable enough price to allow them to lease the units back to their tenants for many years to come.

Tuff Shed was able to develop attractive building designs in a variety of sizes that met the California Building Standard, substituting metal for wood framing studs and fiber cement siding designed to be non-combustible as well as to repel pests and resist water absorption. We worked within this client’s budget, keeping building costs low so that their tenants could enjoy an affordable storage option as part of their monthly site rental fee.

The Tuff Shed Advantage:

  • Build to suit and to meet code requirements
  • Ability to integrate non-combustible components
  • Quality buildings designed for durability
  • Improved property appearance