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USPS Building

The United States Postal Service needed buildings that could replace old and outdated rural post offices. They issued a Request for Bid for large 12×40 buildings with very specific, government-prescribed requirements, including interior finish work, electrical, insulation, and plumbing. The RFB issue by USPS included the need to be able to incorporate specialized windows and doors, incinerator toilets and a large amount of data wiring to accommodate for technology. It also required the winning project bid to work closely with other subcontractors on the project.

Tuff Shed invested nearly a full year of development with USPS to win the project bid. Slated to begin deployment in 2016, each one of these free-standing buildings will be a highly customized modular construction, with Fiber Reinforced Paneling (FRB) covering the interior walls and will run solely on electricity. Each building has project specific subcontracted materials including casework and postal boxes, electrical and wiring work, blown-in insulation, separate heating units, and plumbing work with incinerator capabilities.

The Tuff Shed Advantage:

  • Offered considerable amount of pre-project engineering consultation
  • Worked closely with other client contractors
  • Structures designed to be filled with technology
  • Strict guidelines for building specifications